Sensory Coding in Drosophila Larvae

The fruit fly larva is receive information of various sensory modalities. Our research is focussed on the identification of the cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying vision and gustation in this seemingly simple animal using behavioral studies and circuit analyses.

Larvae are typically photophobic: it does not like to be exposed to light and navigates to move away from the light source. For this behavior only one of the two photoreceptor types is required. The four blue-sensitive Rh5-photoreceptors are necessary for light avoidance, while the green-sensitive Rh6-photoreceptors are dispensable (Keene at al., 2011). A set of three neurons in the brain are further acting downstream or the larval eye to mediate light avoidance. While all three neurons belong to the clock circuit, only one neuron contacts the larval photoreceotor, the 5th-LN (Keene et al., 2011; Keene and Sprecher, 2012).

The taste system allows animals to distinguish the quality, nutritional content of food or if it contains toxic substances. We developed a microfulidics devise, which allows us to study the responses of all sensory neurons with unprecedented precision. Combining this information with single cell transcriptomics we are able to reconstitute a complete map of the taste organs and identify the fundamental principles of gustation.


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