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Teaching and courses:

Spring semester 2013:

BL.0015                     “Tierphysiologie / Physiologie animale / Animal Physiology

BC.0106                     “Zellbiologie / Biologie cellulaire / Cells biology

BL.0126                     “Established and emerging Organisms in Developmental Marine                                             Biology”


Fall semester 2013:

BL.0020                     “Neurobiologie / Neurobiologie / Neurobiology

BL.0017                    “Neurogenetics” (Masters level)

BL.0124                    “Marine biology workshop” (block course Masters level)

All material to the courses are available on the University Fribourg Moodle2 website.


Masters Projects: 

For prospective, motivated Masters students projects in all areas of research are available.
Please contact me for further information


Bachelor student research:

I also offer the possibility for motivated Bachelor students to participate in ongoing research in the lab. This will give experience in “hands on” experimental research, genetics, molecular biology using state-of-the-art techniques.


Marine Biology:

As part of the Masters in “Developmental and Neurobiology” we also offer a block course on the development of Marine Organisms (BL.0124).

The “Marine Biology course (BL.0124) is aimed to provide Masters students and highly motivated Bachelor students a wide overview into the biology of marine organisms. We will collect animals found in plankton, meiofauna and other ecosystems and investigate them in the lab with modern techniques. We will also perform some of the “original” experiments in Evolution and Developmental on the fertilisation and embryogenesis of sea urchins and ascidians. The course is hold at one of the leading marine biology laboratories in Europe- the Station Arago of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Banyuls-sur-mer.


A key aspect we are currently pursue is using high-resolution confocal microscopy on the wide range of phyla and species found in zooplancton.planctonZooplancton includes both organisms that spend all their life in the planctonic phase but also many animals only spend their larval stage in as part of the zooplancton.

I am currently looking for motivated bachelor and masters students to participate in these studies.